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WebSocket Live Chat v2.0.1 (Instant Messaging) – Php Script

WebSocket Live Chat v2.0.1 (Instant Messaging)  Php Scrpt – is an instant messaging script that you can create groups and send personal messages. It is suitable for both social messaging and live support systems. It is written in PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Javascript and designed with CSS. This script uses WebSocket Connection, which provides the instant messaging, between the client and the server.

WebSocket Live Chat v2.0.1 (Instant Messaging)



  • Instant Messaging
  • Admin Panel
  • Word Filter
  • Notifications with Sound & Desktop Notifications
  • Group Conversations & Personal Messages
  • User Status
  • Temporarily / Permanently Ban Users
  • IP Ban
  • Change Group Name
  • Invite / Kick Users
  • Update Group / Profile Photo
  • Online User List
  • Online / Offline Status
  • File Sharing System (Photo, Video, File, Audio, Location)
  • Voice Notes
  • Emoticons
  • Friend System (Add / Remove Friends)
  • Registration / Login System
  • Forgot Password & Email Activation Systems
  • Guest Login
  • Change Password System
  • Responsive & Material Design
  • Mobile Support
  • Easy Configuration with Settings Page
  • Easy Installation


Admin Panel Features

  • Dashboard
  • Edit / Create / Delete Users
  • Edit / Delete Chat Rooms
  • List All Messages
  • Delete Messages
  • List Messages of a Chat Room
  • Settings



    • PHP 5.5+ (with CURL and SOCKETS extensions)
    • MySQL 5.x
    • A Server with SSH Access


  • NGINX is not supported
  • CentOS is not supported due to a problem with WebSocket Listener

Download Links And Demo Url:


[stextbox id=’files-demo’ caption=’Demo Url’][/stextbox]


[stextbox id=’custom-download’ caption=’Download Link’][/stextbox]



 * Version 2.0.1
- Bug Fixes
- Document is updated

* Version 2.0.0
* New Features
- Voice notes (Requires HTTPS for Chrome 50+)
- Share location (Requires HTTPS for Chrome 50+)
- Forgot password system
- Change password system
- Email account activation
- User status
- IP ban
* Updates
- Materializecss is updated to latest version
- Rewritten the login page

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