How To Remove License Code Check In WP-Rocket WordPress Premium Plugin

How To Remove License Code Check In WP-Rocket WordPress Premium Plugin

How To Remove License Code Check In WP-Rocket WordPress Premium Plugin – Most Of Our Visitors and Clients Has Been asking Us on NullWebScripts, On how to remove the license Check,In WP Rocket Premium WordPress Cache Plugin, Which has been a Trending Topic in Our Contact Mails all this long, and today, we decided to bring to you All the trcks in which you will apply to use this plugin (WP Rocket) Without the License Check Verification.


What is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket Is a Premium Cache WordPress Plugin, Which Helps In Boosting WordPress Websites Speed and Also Do many Work, It reduces the load time and help you to maintain a good bandwidth consumption.

How Does WP-Rocket Plugin check the License Information?

We had a look at the PHP-code of the WP-Rocket WordPress Premium Plugin and found the routine for checking the serial number is hidden in the  /wp-rocket/inc/functions/options.php  file from code line 490 on.

The routine checks if there is a valid combination of a  WP_ROCKET_KEY  in line 10, a valid email that was used for the license purchase in  WP_ROCKET_EMAIL  in line 15 of the  /wp-rocket/license-data.php  file and a proper  WP_ROCKET_PRIVATE_KEY  in line 23 in  /wp-rocket/wp-rocket.php .

WP-Rocket only displays the full range of settings if all three filled properly.

We checked a little further and realized that it is quite easy to “fork” WP-Rocket with just a simple adjustment of the code in the /wp-rocket/inc/functions/options.php file and thus create a 100% clean, legit and fully functional “nulled WP-Rocket Plugin” yourself.

Tools Needed For This Trick

  • Fresh WP Rocket Premium Plugin [Not Nulled]
  • Windows NotePad++
  • Personal Computer [PC]

How can you create a “Nulled Version” WP-Rocket Plugin yourself?

You simply need to replace the routine checking for a valid WP-Rocket license key with a simple code snippet that always makes the WP-Rocket Plugin believe that whatever information has been entered above is valid.

Therefore open the file  /wp-rocket/inc/functions/options.php in any text editor or your favorite code editor and go to line 476.

Replace the block starting with “ function rocket_valid_key() ” with “ return true ” exactly in the same way as you can see it in the screenshot below.

How To Remove License Code Check In WP-Rocket WordPress Premium Plugin Screen Shot 022 – nullwebscripts


How To Remove License Code Check In WP-Rocket WordPress Premium Plugin Screen Shot 01 – nullwebscripts

Please double check that you remove the code see on the left hand side and enter exactly the same code as seen in the window on the right hand.

Any typos will most likely break the plugin and may make your site unaccessable – so take your time and act at your own risk!

Upload the modified WP-Rocket Plugin to your website


Once the  options.php  file has been changed and the plugin has been uploaded to your server (via FTP), you will find the entry for WP-Rocket under Settings in the WordPress Admin Panel.

If everything went fine, you will see all option tabs show in the screenshot and you can do the settings for your website.

How To Remove License Code Check In WP-Rocket WordPress Premium Plugin Screen Shot 051 – nullwebscripts

Final Words

Please also note that you have to make these adjustments in  /wp-rocket/inc/functions/options.php with every new version of WP-Rocket . We Will Be Publishing From Now On. Or You Might Receive Both Nulled And Not Nulled Version from Our Website.


With this hack you cannot make use of the auto-update within the WP-Rocket plugin (you should definitely get a paid license from WP-Media if you need this feature) and get the update from WP-Media, but if you need updates, you will need to download newer versions from NULLWEBSCRIPTS.COM, make the code adjustments and upload to your website again.

This Guide on how to create your own nulled WP-Rocket Plugin fork which does not require valid license credentials has been thoroughly tested and works well with WP-Rocket v3.0.3 – the code in future versions may require different adjustments. Use this at your own risk Or get a paid license from WP-Media to support their work and obtain support!

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