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Social Networks Auto Poster {SNAP} – Plugin for WordPress

SNAP can publish nicely formatted messages to your social networks accounts. You can reach the most audience and let all your friends, readers and followers about your new post automatically. Plugin works with profiles, business pages, community pages, groups, etc.

Networks where SNAP can Autopost

Social Networks

  • Facebook – Autopost text, image or share a link to your profile, business page, community page, or Facebook group
  • Google+ – Post text, image or share a link to your profile, collection, business page or community
  • Instagram – Upload your blogpost’s image to your Instagram account.
  • LinkedIn – Post text, article, image or share a link to your profile, group, or company page.
  • – Autopost text, image or share a link to your profile or group
  • Plurk – Autopost to your account. Ability to attach Image to messages
  • Pinterest – Post your blogpost’s image to your Pinterest board.
  • Twitter – Autopost to your account. Ability to attach images to tweets
  • VK.Com – Post text, image or share a link to your profile or group page
  • Weibo – Biggest Chinese Microblogging Service. You can post your messages and images
  • XING – Post text messages, images or share links.

Blogs/Publishing Platforms

  1. Blogger – Autopost to your blog. HTML is supported
  2. Flipboard – Autopost to your magazines
  3. Google My Business – Create Google My Business post
  4. Instapaper – Autopost to your account
  5. LiveJournal – Auto-submit your blogpost to LiveJournal blog or community. LiveJournal engine based
  6. website is also supported
  7. Medium – Autopost to your profile or publications
  8. Scoop.It – Autopost to your “Topics”. Ability to attach your blogpost to scoop. Ability to make “Image” posts
  9. SETT – Auto-post to your blog
  10. Tumblr – Create a text post, image post, audio or video post on your Tumbler blog. HTML is supported.
  11. WP Based Blog – Auto-submit your blogpost to another WordPress based site. Support for any
  12. standalone Wordpress and,, etc..

Link Sharing/Boormarks

  • Diigo – Auto-submit bookmark to your account
  • Reddit – Autopost to your subreddits

Email Marketing

  • MailChimp – One of the most popular email marketing tools. You can send your blogposts as email campaigns to specific subscribers


  • Line – Autopost texts, images, or links to your channel, group or chat
  • Telegram – Autopost texts, images, or links to your channel, group or chat
  • Yo – Send notifications to your subscribers

Image Sharing

  • deviantART (!) – Autopost to your blog. HTML is supported
  • Flickr – Autopost images to your photostream and/or sets. Tags are supported


  • vBulletin – Auto-submit your blogpost to vBulletin forums. Could create new threads or new posts


  • YouTube – Post messages to your YouTube channel feed. Ability to attach existing YouTube videos to posts


Autopost to Social Networks

SNAP will make beautifully formatted posts in all your configured Social Networks Accounts as soon as you press the “Publish” button in your new WordPress blogpost, page, product, event, etc…

100% White Labeled Posts

Plugin makes 100% White Labeled Posts. The main idea behind the plugin is to give you the ability to promote only yourself. Plugin uses your own apps and all posts to all networks come only from you. No “Shared via” or “Posted by SNAP for WordPress” messages.


Most Major Social Networks are supported.


Autopost New Blogposts

SNAP will automatically post your newly published blogposts (pages, events, products, custom post types) to all your defined social media accounts.


Format your posts

Format your posts using flexible replacement tags. make text posts, share links, or post images.



SNAP has a lot of settings to configure.


Set what posts go to each network based on categories, tags, type, format and many more criteria.

Limit Autoposting Speed

Importing many posts at once? Not a problem. SNAP can query your autoposts and publish them one by one in defined time intervals.

Auto-import comments

Auto-import comments from Facebook and replies and mentions from Twitter as WordPress Comments

Custom URLs for AutoPosts

You can set a custom URL for the link shared by SNAP


Auto re-post already existing posts.

SNAP can automatically re-post the already existing posts. SNAP can select specific posts for re-posting using filters.

Quick Post

Send a quick post to all configured social networks without creating a WordPress blogpost.

Post Types

SNAP can autopost blogposts, pages, WooCommerce products, and any other “Custom Post Types”

“Spin” message post templates

Send a quick post to all configured social networks without creating a WordPress blogpost.

Emoji Support

Emoji Support



SNAP can post tags, categories and any other custom WordPress taxonomies as Hashtags

Additional URL Parameters

Add additional parameters to the links posted by SNAP.

URL Shorteners

URL Shorteners:,, Rebrandly, YOURLS and built in WordPress URL Shortener

See what was posted

You can see the direct links to the posts published by SNAP on the “Post Edit” page

Export/Import Plugin settings

You Export and Import all plugin settings as backup or to move it to another site




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